Statistical question about a survey about Clinton

Referring to the well-known President Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, a sub-headline in the January 26, 1998. issue of the Ann Arbor News read, "Polls show asking former intern to lie would be cause for leaving." An ABC News/Washington Post poll stated that 59% of those surveyed said that President Clinton should resign if he lied. this result was based on a poll of 1537 adults surveyed and had a margin of error of 3%.

(a) How many of the adults surveyed feel president Clinton should resign if he lied?

(b) Suppose that a listing of the residential homes in the Washington D.C. area was available. A simple random sample of homes was obtained and all of the adults residing at the selected homes were surveyed. Explain why this sampling design might bias the percentage given in the article.

(c) Adults residing in apartment complexes would not have a chance to be included in the survey. This is a type of bias called: response bias, nonresponse bias, or selection bias?

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