Probabilty question

please answer all 3 parts with the workings

  • I am trying to answer your question. Please consider extending the deadline if you can.

  • I have a deadline isn't it possible for 1hr...

  • I was able to finish it. Please set longer deadlines in future.

  • can you help clarify my question please??

  • I will just send you the revised solution. You need to multiply it by 1/11. I will submit the revised solution in a couple of minutes.

  • P(A n B) is the probability that bowl 10 is selected, and both balls are blue. So you just multiply the probability of two independent events.

  • P(A n B)=(1/11) * (44/55). Sorry for this mistake. The deadline was very close and I had to rush it.

  • I just uploaded the corrected solution.


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  • on the third part... how did you find p(Anb)

  • I just uploaded the corrected file. P(A n B)=(1/11) * (44/55).

  • Please see the third file.

  • I changed the last part as well. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please choose a longer deadline next time.

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