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I have an issue I need to figure out at work and I’ll try explain to the best of my ability.

In basic terms I need to figure out a multiplier value + a floor value (if required) for an audit coming up.

Let's say a certificate of a volt meter has readings of 1V, 5V and 10V on its 10V Range. The uncertainties are 1uV, 5uV and 10uV

On this example its easy because I could figure this out without a floor value by doing the following = 1uV is 1ppm / 0.0001%. If you multiply 1, 5 and 10V by 0.000,001 (0.0001%) then you will get figures of 1uV, 5uV, 10uV etc

However, if the uncertainties are non linear i.e. 1V = 1.7uV, 5V = 5uV, 10V = 10uV then I need to add a floor figure and then calculate a multiplier.

Any ideas that will work with multiple ranges rather than just the example question? My apologies if I have skewed the explanation, it’s been a long day.


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