Solving a right triangle

AA1 and BB1 are bisectors in the right triangle ABC in which ∠A < ∠ B. ∠C is 90 degrees. Find tan (BAC) if S of CA1B1 / S of CAB is 3/(13+4√10). Please keep in mind that the last thing we reviewed in school was sin(a) = 2sin(a/2)cos(a/2). The answer you are supposed to get is 1/3. I'd appreciate any help you can provide

  • What do you mean by S? What is CA1B1? Questions is very unclear.

  • I am sorry, I had trouble translating the question into English. I meant the ratio area of the triangle CA1B1 / area of the triangle CAB = 3/(13+4√10)

    • Still the problem doesn't make sense. Carefully review the problem and try to translate it correctly.

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