Hey, i can't resolve this exercise, someone can help me ?i need to find the coefficient of correlation of X and Y and i just know the variance of x and y which are 106.9 and 2,69 respectively. If you speak french, i put a picture that this exercise in french.

X 1 3 5 TOTAL  
1 5 20 5 30  
9 10 10 10 30  
25 15 0 15 30  
TOTAL 30 30 30 90  
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  • I second that! @Ozkan: Please note that answering this question carefully may take around 20-30 minutes. The offered bounty does not provide enough incentive!

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    Augumente et je te le fais.


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  • I've attached some R code, in case you're into that sort of thing

  • we don't use the mean for the covariance? like thatβˆ‘ x(π‘₯π‘–βˆ’π‘₯)(π‘¦π‘–βˆ’π‘¦) ?

  • i would say average*

  • I never said anything about covariance

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