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    You must give us the definition of compactness that you were given.

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  • (Compact set). A set K ⊆ R d is compact if for every open cover U = {Uα : α ∈ I} of K, there exists n ∈ N and α1, . . . , αn ∈ I such that K ⊆ Uα1 ∪ Uα2 ∪ · · · ∪ Uαn . The collection {Uαi : i = 1, . . . , n} is called a finite subcover of U. Example 4.37 (Finite sets are compact). Suppose K is a finite subset of R d . Let U be an open cover of K. Then, for each x ∈ K, there is some Ux ∈ U such that x ∈ Ux. Then {Ux : x ∈ K} is a finite subcover of K. So K is compact. Hence finite sets are compa

  • idk if that makes sense but yea that's what i know

  • philip if you cant answer this in the next 5 mins, don't bother answering it, the deadline will be passed

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    You initially had a 2 hour deadline and said you have 1:30 minutes in you other questions. 35 min is still left. So you are fine.

  • i changed the title and everything to say do not answer

  • can you take this question back

  • can you take the answer back

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    No, it is not possible to take the answer back. You also edited the tile AFTER I accepted to answer the question. I submitted the solution 35 minutes before the deadline and the deadline you mentioned was 30 minutes before the set deadline. So everything is OK from my part. You may dispute the answer if you do not agree with me on this, and the website judge can make a judgment.

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    In future, if you want to set a deadline of 1:30, just set an initial deadline of 1h and then extend it by 30 minutes. The website allows deadline extension in minutes.


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