Ordinary Differential Equations Integrating Factors Assignment

Answer the assignment questions with all steps shown.
Also include (alongside the work or on a different sheet of paper) an explanation of each step you did to get to the final answer and why, using proper mathematic terminology.

  • For a set oof 10 problems, the bounty is a little low!

  • Yes it is low actually

  • Sorry- this site was suggested to me by someone who works here who was a tutor for me and he suggested the price. Any suggestions on the price range for a similar request?

  • Hello thank you for responding, suggestion is if you can add a comment to post 6 or 7 questions. And after submitting this request, you can post another request for remaining 3 questions with 10-20$ ! Does that work ?

  • That works! Just post the first 7 and I'll submit another request for the final 3 questions once you're done with these. :)

  • I will submit them today for sure. After that you can post the remaining ones.

  • Have you accepted these 7 questions ? Thank you

  • I'm just waiting on another person for the last 3 questions before I check everything. Will hopefully get back to you soon.


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