Laplace transforms / ODE / process model

I'd like something to compare my answer to before submission.

  • Mathe Mathe

    Do you happen to follow a reference book for this?

    • The only thing I've really been provided is the data sheet on page 9

  • Savionf Savionf

    Answering this question would take at least 3 hours. The bounty should be much higher to respect the time of the user who might be willing to answer.

    • How much would you suggest?

    • To decide what a fair bounty should be, think about how much a private tutor would charge for this. I think you should at least double the bounty.

  • ignoring question 1, would you answer this for $100?

    • Mathe Mathe

      I can give it my best try, and if you are unsatisfied you can ask for a judge to rule how much progress was made and how much should you pay for it. I think you can increase the bounty for this problem to $100 and then I'll accept it.

  • that would be much appreciated, thanks

  • apologies I should have provided Taylor series I was asked to use for questions 6 and 7: f[x(t)] ≈ f( x̄) + f’ ( x̄) . [x(t) – x̄] I hadn't realised it's not on the data sheet

    • Mathe Mathe

      Yeah, I figured that out, it would have been better if you had provided that, though.


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