Differential Equations- Initial Value Problem 

I have my general solution but the initial condition is $y(0)=y_0$. How do I know what $y_0$ is?
\[y'=-y+5, y(0)=y_0. \]


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  • Let me know if you need any clarifications.

    • I have my general solution then, but my constant isn’t given. I’m just given that x=0 but I need to solve for c but I can’t do that because y0 isn’t a number?

  • y_0 has to be given and it can not be solved. Do you have any other information given?

    • The question quotes “Solve each of the following initial value problems and plot the solutions for several values of Yo. Then describe in a few words how the solutions resemble, and differ from, each other.” I would assume that I’m assuming different values for y(0) and drawing a direction field.

  • y_0 in indeed a number.

  • Your question is not clear. Why don't you post a picture of the question?

  • I posted the picture. It’s question 1 a

  • I revised the answer and added some comments at the end.

  • Thank you. Sorry for the confusion

  • I am glad I was able to clarify :)

The answer is accepted.
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