Differential equations 2 questions with multiple parts 

I attached the .jpg file

  • It would take about an hour to write a good solution for this. The offer is too low!

  • would you take it for $40 (thats the abs most I can afford)


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  • thank you Phil, I wanted to say that I will have a final on the 30th of July I will post like 1 or 2 problems (I will contribute appropriately)

  • I will try to be around, but I can not promise. There are several other highly qualified users who answer questions here. If you make a good offer your questions mostly likely will be answered.

  • I understand

  • hey Philip, I have a final tomorrow and will have 2 hours for it, I can start it at any time of the day but will have 2 hours to submit it, I will throw 1 or 2 questions your way, 80/100 dollars each. They won't be difficult, I just worry about timing, let me know if we can get on the same time line.

  • hey Ugher, Sure. I am available. When are you going to post them? What time Zone?

  • exam is available from 11:59pm thursday to 11:59pm west coast time, but I do not live there currently so I plan on starting to take it between 7am and 9:30am west coast time tomorrow, also thank you for getting back to me

  • How about 7:30am (West Coast time)?

  • that would probably work fine, I have a sample final if you want to take a peek

  • Sure, you can upload it in this post.

  • part 1 of the final https://pasteboard.co/KdqRznO.png part 2 of the final https://pasteboard.co/KdqRSkh.png solution for question 2 https://pasteboard.co/KdqS6DK.png solution for question 5 (didnt even know how to start it) https://pasteboard.co/KdqSrrA.png he said there might be another question involving an inhomogeneous 2x2 matrix that wasnt on the practice final but its not guranteed it will be on it

  • No problem. I should be able to help.

  • awesome, so I will stick with 7:30am west coast time (give or take 10 minutes)

  • Sounds good.

  • touching bases, 20 minutes is still good for you?

  • Yes.

  • great, I will post it at 7:32

  • Sounds good.

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