Parametric, Polar, and Vector-Valued Equations 

  • Hello Martin

  • Are you able to complete it now? If not it's totally okay.

    • Martin Martin

      Hello Nicolas, The questions are straightforward, but it takes some time to write the answers. I will finish them in a few hours or so.

  • Hello Martin, do you accept Time-Limited questions? I have a set of problems (Differential Equations) for one of my projects that has a 2-hour time limit. Would you accept them?

  • They are 3 set (3 questions) of Multiple-section: Question 1: [Heading] Given information, data and context. A) Question B) Question developing further C) Another question

    • Martin Martin

      Hello Nicolas, yes I can do that. You can ask me direct questions

  • Martin Martin

    Also let me know when it starts and ends

  • Hello, sorry for the delay; I was making coffee. I can start it at 12:25 if you want. Would that work? The questions are about Parametric, Polar, and Vector-Valued Equations. Again, there will be a two-hour limit; you can take your time. I will comment when it approaches the time limit. My goal is accuracy, so use any format (paper, LaText.. etc.). I love your LaTeXT Lats time!

  • I posted the question

  • Hey Martin, I am here again. Would you like to do time-limited (1:30 minutes each) MCQ questions? I have two different projects that comprise an overall content from Calculus 2:

  • The first project will have 20 MCQ questions regarding: 6 Integration and Accumulation of Change 7 Differential Equations 8 Applications of Integration

  • The second project 20 question regarding 8 Applications of Integration (revolutions) 9 Parametric, Polar, and Vector-Valued Equations 10 Infinite Sequences and Series

  • I would be able to pay 100 dollars on each project ($5 per question) + $20 tip

  • Martin Martin

    Hi Nicolas, When will they be ? Also, do you need detailed solutions or just the final answer for each question ?

  • Only the answer so: 1. A 2. B ..... Would you like to start right now?


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