Laplace transforms and transfer functions

I'd like something to compare my answers to before submission. 

  • Mathe Mathe

    This isn't too complex but it's very long. It's 36 problems in total. Just writing the answers down would take 20 mins. Solving them all would take probably two hours. I strongly suggest a bounty of $60.

  • I have updated the bounty to reflect this, thanks

  • Mathe Mathe

    Do you think you can extend the deadline? I'd be super happy to take it but I'm in the middle of a trip. If you could extend the deadline by 2 days that would be amazing. Or extend it as much as you can and I'll see if I can take it.

  • I've put another 5 days on but that's really the most I can do! Hopefully that can work for us both.


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Mathe Mathe
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