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i only have the math level of a grade 11, which is pre calculus 11, would i be good to take a grade 12 level calculus course? im going to be passing pre cal 11 with a 98 but im not sure if thats enough for calculus 12. are the fundamentals of calculus taught in the course? Is calculus 12 like another type of math that pre cal 11 sets you up for? im also taking going to be taking pre calculus 12 in the same semester. if i am able to with my current knowledge, can you tell me what i need to know and what i should study to be more prepared?


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Erdos Erdos
  • i didnt take calculus 11, i took pre calculus 11, but i was very good at everything in the class, we only looked at straight line formulas, parabola formulas, we didnt do anything other than that. we didnt deal with any 3d object questions, i know how to find volume but not a question like "a pool is 4 m tall, 3 meters long, and 5 meters wide. you have a hose thats outputting water at t/100 cubic meters per minute. after minutes how full with the pool be?"

  • i dont know the exact question but the volocity and the amount of water coming out was increasing. this was a question i was given by someone on reddit as an example of a question.

  • the amount of water coming out at 1 minute was 1/100 cubic meters per minute and at 2 minutes the rate of flow was 2/100 cubic meters per minute, after three minutes had elapsed the amount coming out was 3/100 cubic meters per minute

  • Erdos Erdos

    The problem you mentioned is an application of derivative. It is called related rates. See https://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/classes/calci/relatedrates.aspx

  • we didnt deal with any 3 d object questions about two intersecting prisms. im sure i can figure out the overlapping area of two shapes.

  • Erdos Erdos

    This is a good resource to learn about derivatives and related rates: https://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/classes/calci/DerivativeIntro.aspx

  • this is what we covered Ch2. Trigonometry -Standard Angles, Reference Angles, Quadrants -Exact trig ratios (SIN COS TAN) -Sine Law -Cosine Law Ch3. Quadratic Functions - Graphing quadratics in Vertex Form - Complete the square Ch4. Solving Quadratic Functions (must be =0) -Graphically (find x-intercepts) -Factoring -Quadratic Formula Ch5. Radical Expressions - Simplify Radical Expressions -Add an

  • Ch5. Radical Expressions - Simplify Radical Expressions -Add and Subtract Radical Expressions - Multiply and Divide Radical Expressions -Rationalize the Denominator - Solve Equations with Radicals Ch6. Rational Expressions - Simplifying (by factoring and cancelling) Non-permissible values -Multiplying and Dividing - Adding and Subtracting (common denominator) - Solving Equations Ch8. Systems of Equations - solving systems of equations using a graph - solving systems of equations using algebra Ch

  • Ch9. Graphing Inequalities -graphing a linear inequality -graphing a quadratic inequality

  • im sorry for the bad format, it cut off at 500 words

  • Erdos Erdos

    Great. I think you are prepared to take Calc 12. No need to be stressed out about it or get ahead of yourself!

  • are any aspects of calculus comparable to physics? i was good at that

  • Erdos Erdos

    Not really, the material is different. But of course Calculus has applications in Physics.

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yjt40fNINiC_iYrsRfOsWGWEZJLoBs00HXMePOQqeyQ/edit?usp=sharing

  • thats the review

  • Erdos Erdos

    Can't view it.

  • give me a second, ill give an example of a question i would have a harder time with

  • actually there wasnt really any question i had problems with, just me overthinking. but heres a question i took a while

  • (21)/(3root5-root3)

  • theres no root button

  • is that in any way on the same level of math as calculus?

  • i was asked to rationalize

  • actually i found one that i couldnt get

  • (4x-1/x+2)-(x+1/x-2)=(x^2-4x+24/x^2-4) solving this

  • i now realize i make the denominators the same and that would probably make the final numerator factorable

  • Erdos Erdos

    I added the solution to your first question. I have spent so much time on this post. If you have additional questions you may ask them in a separate post.

  • Erdos Erdos

    See the body of my answer above.

  • unless i had to use the complete the square, i think thats what its called, am i supposed to (X^2-4x+4)+24-4

  • Erdos Erdos

    As I mentioned, if you have additional problems you may ask them in a separate post.

  • ill make another one for $20

  • Erdos Erdos

    Make sure to ask your question very clearly. You can use the editor to type equations or just simply upload a picture.

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