[Year 12 Trigonometric Functions] Research assignment investigation, using tidal waves to model data. 

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Tidal waves such as the one below do not really follow a normal trigonometric graph of the form $y= k cos at+ c$

So the behaviour of the data instead that prevents us from using the trigonometric function above is that: cos is a periodic function, the graph provided is not. And the maximum and minimums are not the same for each period.

b) Use graphing software to investigate graphs in the form $y=ksin(at+θ) + lsin(bt+θ)+c$. Explain briefly why these graphs may better model the data that you see. (3 marks worth)

c) Using the graph provided above, come up with an equation in the form $y=ksin(at+θ) + lsin(bt+θ)+c$ that models the data more closely than the standard trigonometric function. (use graphing software again here) (5 marks worth)
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