Find the Curvature of Parabolic Wave

I am seeking  to create a Pine Script function that determines the curvature and steepness of waves with concave down parabolas relative to their vertices. The function should be able to differentiate between two similar geometric patterns and should accept the following inputs:

src: The source indicator (e.g., RSI)
length: The number of bars to analyze
Please refer to the attached examples of two distinct parabolas for reference.

If you have experience with Pine Script and can develop a solution to accurately analyze and differentiate these patterns, please contact me with your proposal and relevant experience.


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Kav10 Kav10
  • I think i can use chatGPT to convert that to pinescript as long as we have some solution,but the price is a bit too high i was thinking around 100$

    • Kav10 Kav10

      I can code (in R or Python) the steps/approach I provided before with sample data and make sure it does what it should for $150 (I will get $120). This would not include what you explained in this question (the function that differentiates geometric patterns, etc. gets inputs like srs, etc.). Also does not include any modifications, conversion to Pine Script, etc. Also, you should be very careful with using ChatGPT as it makes a lot of mistakes. Let me know.

The answer is accepted.
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