Direction of forces acting on points A, B and C

Maybe more of a physics question but I got the tip to post here and see if someone can help me.

All I need is the direction in which the forces at points A, B and C would be pointing. From there i can do the calculations by myself. 

Enclosed should be a sketch of my problem.

  • The offered bounty is way too low. If you want to decide what a fair bounty should be, just imagine how much time one may need to spend to carefully answer this question and clarify all you doubts, and offer accordingly.

  • Aman R Aman R

    Low bounty and mass or density information is missing

  • I´m just trying to help a friend...this isn't even for me and I can't afford to pay more.... And if someone knows the answer to this I don't think that it's a lot of work to draw a few arrows....


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