Analyzing Concave Down Segments of the Sinusoidal Curve

I am working on analyzing a specific segment of the sinusoidal curve, particularly the portion that is concave down. For this segment, I have two primary measurements I would like to determine:

  • *The vertical curvature C from the local maximum (turning point) of the sinusoidal curve to the vertex of the parabola on Drop axis Z that best fits this segment.*
  • *The horizontal distance, or width, between the two points (A1 and B1) on the sinusoidal curve that are immediately before and after the vertex of this fitting parabola.*

Could someone please provide guidance on how to compute these measurements, or suggest a method or transformation that simplifies this analysis? Any help or references to relevant literature would be greatly appreciated.

Parabola Example
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    The offered bounty is a bit low.


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