Multivariable Calc: Vectors, Equations of Lines, Shapes of Curves

Only need detailed, step by step solutions for questions 15 and 18.

The rest just require the correct answers to the multiple choice selections and final answers where shown.

"the table" specified in question 23 is on the final page.


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  • Bunbun Bunbun

    Thank you! There were a few minor errors that I will point out just in case. 6 had some minor addition errors that I caught for the first two answer. The correct ones were 5i-4j+3k and 10i-6j+5k. 13 just needed all the units of both vectors to be divided by the square root of 102. 14a was no. 16 f was true. 16 h was true. 16 j was false.

  • Aman R Aman R

    Thank you. I appreciate your effort and pointing out my mistakes.

The answer is accepted.
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