Trigonometry problem - A bee collecting nectar from flowers

1. A bee, after collecting nectar from a flower, flies in a straight line in the bearing S$31^\circ$ W. After flying 2.3
meters, it lands on another flower, then, after collecting more nectar, it flies in a straight line at bearing
N$51^\circ$ W. Then it lands on a third flower that is directly west of the first flower. How far is it from the
second flower to the third flower? Round to the nearest 0.1 meter.


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  • Leave a comment if you need any further clarifications.

    • Thank you so much! Quick question what does (*) mean?

    • (*) does not have any meaning. It is my way of referring to that equation. Some sort of a tag for that formula.

  • Okay thank you

    • One more quick question if 31 degrees was changed to 39 would it be different to solve? My professor said the 31 was a typo

    • I revised my solution and included the solution for the case where the angle is 39 degrees.

  • Thank you! It

The answer is accepted.
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