Ordinary Differential Equations Word Problems

Answer assignment questions 8, 9, and 10 with all steps shown.
Also include (alongside the work or on a different sheet of paper) an explanation of each step you did to get to the final answer and why, using proper mathematic terminology.

  • It would take about an hour to carefully answer these three questions. The bounty is way too low for the amount of work required.

  • Initially, I was told to post the whole page for about 65 by someone who works here. After I did, I was told it was too low and to post the remaining three for 10-20 bucks while the person answered the first 7. I could tip in addition to this, but otherwise I'm not sure how I should price these.

  • Ok, them maybe the same user will answer. Think about how much time one may need to answer the questions and multiply it to a fair hourly rate. That would give you an idea for a reasonable fair bounty.

  • Very true. I raised it regardless since you said it would take about an hour. Thank you Phillip. :)

  • The third problem alone was so long, this really deserves a larger bounty.


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