Double Integrals, polar coordinates, Stoke's theorem, and Flow line Questions

Answers to the questions, with step by step solutions. List and name any formulas used. Draw out each question/answer to aide in explanation.


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  • Hi Philip, would you mind explaining the steps you took in each question and why using words?

  • I think the solutions are fairly self-explanatory. Why don't you read the solutions and let me know if you have ant specific questions.

  • I added some explanations in the body of the question. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Hey Philip. There was an error with the final answer for question 3 and for the evaluation of question 6, it is more complex and we are supposed to take the upper and lower bounds of the equation.

  • I doubled checked my answer for question 3. It seems to me that there is no mistake. The final answer is 6*5^4 =3750pi. Try the simplified final answer 3750pi.

  • I attached a more detailed solution for problem 6.

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