Null hypothesis Significance testing (w/ simulated data set)

A test of hypothesis using a Significance Test. For instance, the hypothesis is that more Facebook (FB) usage increases ideological extremism, your Null hypothesis must be that the correlation in the population between those two factors is zero.

Tasks include:

  • Report the p-value
  • Select an alpha-level of 0.1
  • Interpret the results. That is, state if you should reject or not the Null hypothesis based on the sample and explain substantively why you are rejecting or not the Null hypothesis.
  • Is there any particular software you’d like this to be performed in? R? Excel? Does the test statistic need to be calculated by hand?

  • Ideally Excel. I couldn't upload an xlsx file so I sent the data as a pdf. U could submit it whichever way you can.

  • BTW... FB Usage : Larger values mean more FB usage Respondent Extremism : Larger values mean the respondents have more extremist beliefs

  • I think there's something wrong with the data you uploaded. Are there supposed to be repeats of the same observation? Can you tell me how many rows there are in the original excel file? If there's any way for you to upload the excel file, that would make this a lot easier. Maybe google drive? Upload the excel to google sheets?

  • try the new file

  • it looks exactly like this on excel. except of course they are in actual columns. u would have to copy/paste onto excel

  • Ok, but can you tell me how many rows there are in the excel file?

  • 1168 rows of numbers

  • what does r equal?

  • nvrm i just saw your screenshots

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