Need urgent help understanding binomial expansion

Ive been thrown into my first calc class at college and I cant understand how to do this: "Use the binomial expansion formula to find (100.1)^4, accurate to the ten-thousands."

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    What do you mean by "(100.1)4"? Is there a typo?

    • I meant to put (100.1)^4 as 4 as the exponent. That is how the question is exactly phrased on the homework and its hurting my head

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    • Is it that hard compared to other questions on here? Cause this looks like the least complex compared to others. I can add one but didnt know how it worked

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1 Answer

By binomial expansion formula, for any integer $n$,  we have 
\[(a+x)^{n}=\sum_{k=0}^{n}{n\choose k}x^{k}a^{n-k},\]
If we only use $m-1$ terms for the approximation, then the error will be bounded by 
\[\text{Error} \leq {n\choose m}x^{m}c^{n-m},\]
for some $0\leq c \leq x$.

In this example $a=100$, $n=4$, and $x=0.01$. So  for the approximation to be accurate to the ten-thousands we need to have 

\[\text{Error} \leq {4\choose m}x^{m}c^{4-m}\leq {4\choose m}(0.01)^{m}(100)^{4-m} <\frac{1}{10000}.\]

You can check that the smallest $m$ for which the above ineauality holds is $m=4$. So we should use $m-1=3$ terms in the binomial expansion to find $(100.1)^4$, accurate to the ten-thousands. Hence
\[(100+.01)^{n}\approx\sum_{k=0}^{3}{n\choose k}x^{k}a^{n-k}\]
\[={4\choose 0} (0.01)^{0}(100)^{4-0}+{4\choose 1} (0.01)^{1}(100)^{4-1}+{4\choose 2} (0.01)^{2}(100)^{4-2}+{4\choose 3} (0.01)^{3}(100)^{4-3} \]
\[=(100)^4+4(100)^2+6+4\times (0.01)^2\]

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