Graph the pair of equations in the same rectangular coordinate system: Y=-2x ; y=-2

Y=-2x ; y=-2

Full explanation if possible please.


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  • Leave a comment if you need any clarifications.

  • Hey sorry, really burnt out on math so I need some clarifications. How did you get the 1 in (1, -2) and the 2 in (2, -2)

  • If you let x=1 then from y=-2x you get y=2 (-1)=-2. This is how you get (1,-2).

  • The equation y=-2 does not depend on x, so no matter what you choose for x you will always get y=-2. If you let x=2, y will be -2, and hence the point (2,-2) is on the line y=-2.

  • In general, to find those points you let x to be a number you like and you compute the y component from the equation.

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