Proof by induction the following recursive equation

Master-theorem is not allowed, I need it showed by induction weather one of the 1,2,3 is right. Pls step by step.
  • Tn2910 Tn2910

    nobody? more bounty or what? cant be that hard for specialists

    • Mathe Mathe

      Are you sure those are the right possible answers? Because it looks to me the problem is O(log n)

  • This is a very time consuming problem. Can you increase the bounty to $20?

    • Tn2910 Tn2910

      yes i can, but the website doesnt allow me too, i will open a new one.

    • Are you sure, you should be able to increase the bounty from the side box.

  • I meant are you sure?

    • Or I can answer this one and you can leave a tip after.

    • Tn2910 Tn2910

      i increased the bounty but please solve it with induction, maste theorem is not allowed for me and pls step by step, so i can also understand it


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  • Tn2910 Tn2910

    How do you get this: 3(2^m)^2−2^m in the first equation?

    • I added a proof. This was indeed two questions, and it took me over 1 hour to answer. I would appreciate a good tip.

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