Explain what the problem means in laymens terms. 

For each part of the probem, give a single grammatically correct sentence, using terms that could be understood by someone with very little mathematical experience. (Explain what the problem means in laymens terms).

The total number of people that have joined a social distance line outside a supermarket, up tothe timetin minutes since the first person joined, is given by the functionf(t). The total numberof people that have entered the supermarket from the line, up to the same timet, is given by thefunctiong(t). Give a single sentence interpreting the following, in the context of the length of theline.

A. f(240) = g(240)
B. f'(180) = g'(180) and f''(180) < g''(180) 
C. f'(120) - g'(120) = 2 


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