Can someone explain why the attached R-Studio Code, provided by the author, does not create the output like in his book?


in Chapter 9.9 in the "Book Applied Economic Forecasting Using Time Series Method" by Ghysels, the US industrial production growth is modeled and forecasted using three different models in R-Studio. The result ist presented in the book. The R-Skript is provided by the author. However, every time I try running the skript by myself, I recieve a different result compared to the author. I tried a lot and I dont know what I am doing wrong, since I use the same code.

I would kindly ask to check the R-Code and give me an answer why the forecast differs from the one in the book, even though it should be the correct code, since it is provided by the author.

Thank you very much!

The data, code and results are attached.


  • Sirsir Sirsir

    The tested models are AR, TAR, STAR


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