How to find specific heat of a turpentine question?

A copper cylinder has a mass of 76.8 g and a specific heat of 0.092 cal/g ?C. It is heated to 86.5? C and then put in 68.7 g of turpentine whose temperature is 19.5 ? C. The final temperature of the mixture is 31.9? C. What is the specific heat of the turpentine? Use the formula Q1=Q2 -> mATc =mATc. Provide correct units and show work.

  • Could you comment the formula? There seems to be a missprint.

  • Q1=Q2 -> mATc= mATc. The A is like a triangle but I can't produce the triangle on my phone

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  • Uploaded the pic


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  • I meant C_2= ... in the last equation.

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