Vector-valued functions and Jacobian matrix

Since multivariable vector-valued functions are not covered in Stewart's Calculus I would like to clarify if I understand them correctly. So multivariable vector-valued function looks like this, right? $$f(x,y) = v<f1(x,y),f2(x,y)>$$
And Jacobian matrix would look like:
$$\begin{bmatrix} f1_x(x,y) & f1_y(x,y) \\ f2_x(x,y) & f2_y(x,y) \end{bmatrix} $$


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Kav10 Kav10
  • I don’t see any difference between Jacobian matrix you wrote and mine, except in way of writing partial derivative, is my matrix wrong?

    • Kav10 Kav10

      No, yours is correct. I write it like the partial derivative for better understaing. You got all those correct.

    • Ok, thank you.

The answer is accepted.
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