Applications of Integration [Calculus 1 and 2]

For the regions A and B shown in the graph:

Part A: Discuss the limits of integration. (3 points)

Part B: Set up an integral expression that represents the total area. (4 points)

Part C: Calculate the total area. (3 points)


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Kav10 Kav10
  • What are the Limits of integration? So Interval Notation?

    • Kav10 Kav10

      The limits of integration are written in the seventh line. 2 and (3-sqrt(5))/2.

    • Kav10 Kav10

      Does that make sense?

  • But they should be this intervals of region A and B so: Region A: From -2 to -1 Region B: From -1 to 0.6 (which is the square root used)

    • Kav10 Kav10

      No, when integral is dy, the interval should be from y axis, when it is dx, the interval should be from x axis. See the solution where it uses the y limits for the integral …dy and x limits for integral …dx. Does that make sense now?

  • Yes, so you used Horizontal slices

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