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ABCDE is inscribed in a circle with AB=BC=CD=DE=4 and AE=1. Compute

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    Use the Cosine Theorem for triangles ABC and ACE. Note that AC=CE. If you want full solution, it deserves a bounty.

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As suggested by Kav10, you need to use Cosine law for triangles ABC and ACE, and that that AC=CE. 

Using Cosine law on the trianles ABC we have
\[AC^2=AB^2+BC^2-2AB \cdot BC \cos B=4^2+4^2-2\cdot 4\cdot 4 \cos B.\]
\[AC^2=32(1-\cos B).             (1)\]

Using Cosine law on the trianles ACE we have
\[AE^2=AC^2+CE^2-2AC \cdot CE\cos (ACE),\]
since $AC=CE$ we get 
\[1^2=AC^2+AC^2-2AC^2 \cos (ACE)=2AC^2(1-\cos (ACE)),\]
\[\frac{1}{2AC^2}=(1-\cos (ACE)).             (2)\]
Multiplying (1) and (2) we get 
\[\frac{1}{2}=32(1-\cos B)(1-\cos (ACE)).\]
\[(1-\cos B)(1-\cos (ACE))=\frac{1}{64}\]

Erdos Erdos
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