Calculating number of unique combinations for this scenario.

I need to calculate the amount of unique combinations for the following scenario:

I have multiple groups of items and need to make unique combinations out of them. There is always one base item and then options are added on top.

Here are the restrictions for each table:

Base item A1 (always required)

Option B (pick 4, can be same or different)

  • Item B1
  • Item B2

Option C (pick 4, can be same or different)
  • Item C1
  • Item C2
  • Item C3
  • Item C4
  • Item C5


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  • Thank you, I figured out how to deal with this situation thanks to your explanation. Figuring out that you are doing a binomial coefficient helps a lot, because I never did it before and didn't recognize the formula initially. I tried a smaller example on my end and the answer turned out right.

  • I'm glad that my explanation was insightful! :)

The answer is accepted.
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