Introductory statistics, probability (standard distribution, binomial distribution)

Not sure if I'm allowed to put more than one question in each, but lets go:
A coffee machine fills a cup with a volume of coffee standard distributed with an expected 2.1dl and a standard deviation of 0.15dl. The cups used take a volume of coffee with an expected value of 2.5dl, with a 0.1dl deviation. The cup and coffee machine are independent. What is the probability of the coffee overflowing?

The probability of a customer having a bad experience with an online store is 21%. Consider the 180 next customers. What's the probability at most 27 of them have a bad experience. (with and without continuity correction)

A stockbroker picks stocks for a client. Some stocks are "good", some are not. The picks are independent and the broker has constant probability (p) to pick a "good stock". "Good stocks" are binomially distributed. It is known that 9/26 have been winning stocks in the past. Decide a point estimate for P.


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