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3. A company is manufacturing a new type of sports equipment. The variable cost for each
unit is 50 dollars, and the fixed costs are 300 dollars. They plan to sell each unit for $100. Let q be the
number of units produced. (20 points)
a. Find the total cost, 𝑪(𝒒), the total revenue, 𝑹(𝒒) and the total Profit 𝝅(𝒒),as a function of
the number of units produced, 𝑞. Use your own words to interpret each term in the
context of the problem.
b. How many units must be produced and sold for the company to make profit?
c. Graph the cost and revenue function using Desmos and mark the following on the graph.
(Please attach your graph from Desmos here)- Make sure to zoom in enough to see the
point of intersection.
• Fixed costs
• The break-even point.
• Quantities at which the company makes a profit
• Quantities at which the company loses money.
Note: You need to show me that you used Desmos (handwritten graphs are not accepted but you
can add the quantities by hand) let me know if you need help with attaching your graph.


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