using  maclaurin series for tan(x) and equation for length of cable to prove that x=

wrapping a cable around the earth once then adding one metre to the cable (radius is R=6378km)
Find two expressions for the length of the cable. Use these together with your Maclaurin polynomial for tan(φ) to show that (.003/2R)^(1/3)   
  • I really don't understand the question. Can you rephrase it?

  • Sanguine12343214: Your question is very unclear. Are you taking about the following problem? "You are standing on the equator and you have a string around the equator that is the length of the equator + 1 meter. What is the maximum height you can lift the string off the ground?"

  • Even if that were the case, I still don't see what does it have to do with the Maclaurin series of the tangent.

  • the exact wording of the question is find two expressions for the length of the cable use together with your maclaurin polynomial for tan(x) to show that x=(.003/2R)^(1/3) i was given a diagram that is supposed to help me but i am unsure on how to post it on this and the height of the string of the ground was a different part of the question

  • this is the diagram

  • I think I have a wild guess now, seeing the picture, but I'm far from sure. I don't mean to be rude, but it's extremely poorly worded (and flat out impossible without picture - you don't even say what x is supposed to be). Anyway, if my guess is right, then it's way too much work for 3$. I'm not sure about how to approach the problem and I don't even have a precise statement. Also beware that your expansion for tan(x) is approximate.

  • If I have to ballpark it, finding a solution and writing it properly would take me about 40 min, for which I usually ask 20$ (~15$ after website's cut and PayPay fees), varying a little depending on the level of detail you want. Maybe someone else would try it for less, let me know if you are interested.

  • ive increased the bounty

  • I'll give it a shot. I hope I got the question right.

  • Are you ok with a handwritten solution? I usually type them down, but think it's better in this case so I can include a proper picture.

  • yeah completly fine with that aslong as i can read it

  • Don't worry, I have good handwriting. I'll polish it and upload it soon.


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