real analysis

check picture

  • Low bounty! It is also not easy to write a good solution for this problem in 45 minutes. You may want to extend the deadline.

  • i can increase the money if anything

  • solution doesnt have to be good, just to the point

  • Generally you should offer higher bounties for solutions with short deadlines.

  • i can offer little more if you're willing to take

  • Yes

  • This is like three proof-based questions. Please also extend the deadline if possible.

  • Your need formal proofs?

  • simple proofs if anything becasue they're very lowly marked

  • You are expecting someone to write 3 proofs in like 30 minutes. Even writing them down would take longer than 30 minutes.

  • cant extend deadline sorry

  • im sorry this is the best i can do, proofs here should be simple like less than 3 lines each


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