Calculating cost per tonne km

hello all when trying to calculate the daily cost to transport a commodity do I use the accumulated total of distance of trips or just the per trip length. So if I have 124 38t payload trucks (total 4712t) travelling a distance of 0.5 km per trip. The commodity cost 0.226 per tonne km.
is the answer already factoring the 124 trips by using the total mass= 4712 x 0.5 x 0.226 

or is it accumaltive distance as well where cost = 4712 x 124 x 0.5 x 0.226

1 Answer

Since the cost is given by per tonne km, you need to compute the total service in "tonne $\cdot$ km":

\[ \text{Total service}=4712 \times 0.5 \]

To compute the total cost yo multiply the total service by the cost per tonne km, which gives

\[ \text{Total cost of service}=4712 \times 0.5 \times 0.226.\]

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