I really can't figure out equations with a power  of 2 in it, please solve these and explain every step as if I was a baby.

3x – (x – 6)(x + 2) = 7x – x^2

6 - 2(x – 4)^2 = 5 – 2(x + 3)(x – 1)

(^ refers to it being a power of)

  • Hi, this notation is more often used to denote an exponent, and x^2 is read as "x to the power of 2", and expands to xx. Is that what you're asking about?

  • Mathe Mathe

    Are you asking to solve for x on each equation, or are you asking to explain why each side is equal to the other (they are not equal)

  • That must be a danish thing then sorry, but yes I meant to use ^ as a sign of "to the power of", sry the language barrier <3


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