3d geometry, matlab coding, I have to find relative angles of cation pi interactions, I have a biology background and am struggling with the arithmetic and mild coding for my project.

if have 2 points in a 3d space, T(xt,yt,zt) and L(xl,yl,zl), T also happens to be the centroid of a plane, i have 3 non collinear points vec1(x1y1z1), vec2(x2y2z2)and vec3(x2y3andz3) and i need to find the relative angle between T L and the Plane, how do I do it? 

I tried 
refVec = cross(vec2 - vec1, vec3 - vec1)
refVector = refVec / norm(refVec)
angleRad = acos(dot(refVector, L - T) / (norm(refVector) \* norm(L - T)));
is this fine? am i dumb? idk i got some angles but other angles were very wrong in some perspectives.
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