Curve of a bending stick. 🤔🤔🤔

A stick is fixed at one end and held horizontally. A weight is attached to the free end. The stick bends, and remains horizontal at the fixed end. Describe the curve formed by the stick. 

Show all work. Cite any and all sources.

Please share your ideas about how your answer might generalize, any interesting thoughts you have while doing the problem, etc.

  • Is it even possible? Are you holding the stick somewhere in between? There is no horizontal force to bend the stick.

  • Can you please clarify your background? You are describing a fairly common problem in applied mechanics, but the level of complexity that an answer may go into can vary from complex (for an idealized, weightless 1d "stick") to VERY complex (for a 3d stick with non-uniform mass distribution and real material properties).


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