Proper Test Selection for Repeated Interval Data Collection?

I am working on analyzing the results of some sensor data that I acquired through an experiment. The experiment involved subjecting a set of pipes to a repeated load. I collected sensor response data at various load intervals throughout the experiment (100 load cycles, 1,000 load cycles, etc..). Each data set contains 5 load cycles that I have pulled a maximum value from. 

I am attempting to determine if the load cycle or run number (1-5) within each data set, effects the sensor response. I would also like to determine if the number of load cycles is effecting the response of the sensors.

I've been using a repeated measures anova with my various sensor values for each run as the dependent variable, my load cycles interval (100, 1000, etc) as my between-subject factor, and the load cycle number within each data set (1-5) as my covariate.

I'm not sure this is valid, as the conditions of the experiment are changing (soil/asphalt compaction) with each load application. 


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