How can i create a function that predicts how many customers will come to a buisness location based on drive time.

I'm working on a problem; I'm trying to project how many customers a business could expect to receive based on drive time. If I have the drive time of hundreds of customers to a current business, how can I create a function to predict how many customers a new location would receive based on minutes from the location? I also have other data points, such as customer conversion and retention, that I can use. Is what I'm trying to do possible and if so how do I create this function using the data I have.

  • The questios is very vague and you need to be more provide more details. Also questions at this level should come with a good bounty.

    • I'm not sure what other details i could have included, as to the 2nd part I'm new to the site so didn't really know how it worked. Thanks

    • Your offer should be high enough to motivate users to spend time on your problem. Think about how much a private tutor would charge for answering it, that would give you an idea.

    • I really would have no clue what a private tutor would charge for answering a question. I have a math degree and wasn't really looking for someone to do the work as much as point me in the right direction of what I should do, sounds like maybe I'm on the wrong site. Thanks for your help and feedback

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