Statistical inference questions

Need this question answered, high bounty due to time limit. Based on statistical inference 

  • This is not my area of expertise. But it would be a good idea to let people who have previously answered your question know when you are going to post questions with short deadline so they can try to be around. These are high level questions and a deadline of 1 hour is just too short.

  • I just finished answering this one , however still need help on the others

  • Will be asking questions based on probability on Thursday around 10:00 Greenwich mean time, high bounty short deadline 1-2 hours.

  • It is not my are of expertises. I suggest you to post one or two similar questions with lower bounty before Thursday to identify users who may be able to answer your questions, and let them know that you will be posting questions with short deadline and high bounty and ask them to be online around the time you are going to post.

  • You may also post a question on the topic and mention the time when you are going to post your questions with high bounty.

  • David, i have uploaded my new bounties, please check them out if you can

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