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I play poker at a casino in Pennsylvania.  There is a progressive bad beat jackpot that accumulates until two players meet the requirements to win it.  The minimum hand necessary to qualify is quad 5s and the qualifying hand needs to be beat by a higher qualifying hand.   Both players must use both hole cards.  If everyone at the table folds except for two players, please tell me how many different hands there are where each player has a bad beat qualifying hand  BUT against each other there is no possibility of hitting the bad beat (example:  pocket 10's against jack 10 suited).  Please also tell me how many hands there are where there IS the possibility of hitting the bad beat.  I am making the assumption that the solver of this problem knows something about poker.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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  • Hello, I think I didn't describe the parameters accurately. Minimum qualifying hand is quad 5's and quads means using both hole cards so please dont include combinations involving 3 cards on board and one in your hand. What I need is the number of hands that qualify for the bad beat but cannot hit the bad beat when paired against other bad beat qualifying hands. Pocket 5's against 5 6 suited would be an example.

  • Starting hand is drawing dead vs starting hand Ace 2 ace 3 Ace 4 Ace 5 Ace 3 Ace 4 Ace 5 Ace 6 Ace 4 Ace 5 Ace 6 Ace 7 Ace 5 Ace 6 Ace 7 Ace 8 Ace 6 Ace 7 Ace 8 Ace 9 Ace 7 Ace 8 Ace 9 Ace 10 Ace 8 Ace 9 Ace 10 Ace Jack Ace 9 Ace 10 Ace Jack, Ace Queen Ace 10 Ace Jack Ace Queen, Ace K

  • OK, updated the table and numbers, to exclude combinations where 3 cards from the community cards are used. Does the approach and detail make sense? Let me know.

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