Select the Correct Curve Sketches and Equations of Curves

Only need detailed, step by step explanations for questions 4 and 17.

Otherwise, just select the correctly drawn curves from the options and answer the questions as shown.

  • You will get the solutions within 4 hours from now hopefully. Thank you for choosing matchmaticians.

  • Hi Aman. I just wanted to ask if you could double check some of the answers that came up as wrong. 9, 10, 11, 13's answer (but the chosen graph was correct), and 22c came up wrong. For 22c, I was prompted to "try again, keeping in mind that the parametric equations for a circle centered at (h,k) are x= h + rcos(t) and y= k + rsin(t) when 0

  • Hi let me recheck and I will get back to you as additional file upload with correct answers. Thank you for reaching out.

  • I see, I checked the questions and I remember I tried to find the positive areas. Please confirm whether you are told in class to find the integral value only. Or the positive areas only which is correct as area cannot be negative. In few questions of area and graph the value comes out to be zero because there were areas of positive integration and negative integration values. We need to consider negative values as positive for finding areas. Please give your thoughts on this.

  • For 22c, the question statement was confusing, halfway I considered the half of the domain, but if we consider full domain as mentioned which is half in comparison to the part a, I feel you can t+pi/2 instead of (t+pi)/2 for sin and cos

  • I contacted my teacher to ask. I am pretty sure you are on the right track with 22c, but the wording is confusing so I asked my teacher about that as well. Will let you know once I hear back from them.

  • Thank you for understanding my concern, and regarding my previous concern, see in 13 questions solution I mentioned in my solution in working process : integral value as 0, because areas are cancelling out. But area can't be negative so I considered 9 from right and 9 from left as 9+9 If you have 2 tries left atleast.. can you please try 0? So I can be sure the assignment was made in such a way to consider areas as negative as well! But if you have only 1 try left then don't put your answer 0

  • Mistake found in question number 10: forgot to divide by 2 before the integral sign, so correct answer would be 5pi+15root3

  • Mistake also found in question 11 was of limits: correct answer will be (163pi-72)/2 which is approx 220.039

  • For question 13: correct answer would be 9

  • Mistake found in question 9 as well: 2pi limit was not included in the domain it was only less than sign! Correct answer will be (3/2,pi/3),(0,pi),(3/2,5pi/3) and for vertical they will be three only (2,0),(1/2,2pi/3),(1/2,4pi/3)

  • @Aman: Please revise your solutions and upload it as an attachment.

  • Okay, Let me do it. Thank you

  • Revised 4 questions have been uploaded also, thank you for choosing matchmatcians.

  • Thank you! Revisions are all correct and for 22c, t+pi/2 for sin and cos was the correct revision, though it could also be simplified to x=-4sin(t), y=4cos(t)+3

  • Yes you are correct, thank you for accepting the solution


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