Help with an Integral from an older resource economics book

Hi guys,

I would ask if you could solve an integral for me from a resource economic problem. Easiest is it to put it in an attachement I guess. Please ignore the change from p(0) to p(0)* in the solution.

Also would it also be possible if "α" wasn´t set to "1" but kept general to solve such an integral?

Thank you for your help guys.

  • Paul F Paul F

    I don't see any attachments.

    • Paul F Paul F

      You may want to offer a small bounty so you can easily upload a picture of your question.

  • Yes. I am sorry I didn´t realize that I had to offer a bounty to upload a picture. The question was to solve this integral: ∫0^∞ 1/(a+be^rt ) dt And as a bonus IF such an integral can be solved: ∫0^∞ [a+be^rt ]^(-1/c) dt

    • Paul F Paul F

      It is a fairly challenging problem, and such questions should generally come with a bounty.

1 Answer

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