How would I write an acceptance-rejection algorithm for this problem

See attached image.

Someone has commented that the bounty is too low, I can't afford more so hopefully, this is less work:

Please see the second attached image for what I've done already. I'm basically just unsure if I have the value of c correct. So if anyone could correct that value (or reassure me that my workings are correct) I will give the bounty—no need for an in-depth explanation of the algorithm or how to find the acceptance rate.

  • This bounty is low for the level of the question and the required work to answer the question.

  • Hi @Daniel90 please look at the update I have written if you're still interested in helping. Thank you :-)


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Mathe Mathe
  • Hi Mathe, thank you so much for your answer - I accepted it. However, h(x)=kx is exactly what my professor wrote which makes no sense to me either - could there be any other explanation for this which would make sense to you??

  • Mathe Mathe

    It is a typo.

The answer is accepted.
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