Could Someone Find How 166.98 & 444.163 were obtained ?

1 Answer

You just need to multiply out everything:

\[0=-23.67\cdot\frac{1}{2} (x_2^2+2\cdot 13.33 x_2+13.33^2)-M_2+124.44(x_2+13.33)+358.06 x_2.\]
\[0=-23.67 x_2^2+13.33 \cdot (-23.67)x_2- 23.67 \cdot13.33^2 \cdot \frac{1}{2}-M_2+124.44 x_2+124.44\cdot 13.33+358.06 x_2.\]
\[M_2=-11.835x_2^2+[ 13.33 \cdot (-23.67) +124.44+358.06]x_2- 23.67 \cdot13.33^2\cdot \frac{1}{2}+124.44\cdot 13.33.\]
\[\Rightarrow M_2=-11.835x_2^2+166.9789x_2+444.162932.\]

  • Savionf Savionf

    This took me about 20 minutes to answer. Please consider offering bounties in the future.

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