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Hello, I have a problem and I need advice or help. I collected data about the parking lot, such as its occupancy, what is in it and how it works in general in principle. Well, when my teacher told me later that I didn't have enough data and that I should have done the analysis more often to get how many spaces were occupied in the parking lot, only option left was regresion analysis. How could I theoretically, with the help of some analytical tools and methods, or with the help of mathematics, calculate the occupancy of those places? As I wrote, I have data for a short period, about three weeks, maybe more, and I have information on how many vehicles there were for the entire semester, and also how many vehicles there were during my measurement/analysis. If random effects are also to be counted, I can add that something was being renovated in the parking lot all the time, some days have more vehicles than others, and I measured from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., each measurement lasted one hour . If you have any questions, write to me. Excel is in slovak language, its messy but if you will look at it i have everything zoned, how many free space i have and how many cars are there, and also how much cars went throught ramps on which position. I tried to do regresion but i dont know if i was sucesful.
 I am sorry for my english, its not my frist language. If you write me massage i can give you money.

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    You should a priori try an additive or multiplicative model, for a time series with some tend and some periodic component.

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You should a priori try an additive or multiplicative model, for a time series with some trend and some periodic component. See for example
You get other results, in particular YouTube videos, if you google "time series trend multiplicative model". Hope that helps.

PS: I didn't mean to submit this as answer but rather as comment (actually, to correct "tend" => "trend" w.r.t my previous comment), but it was saved as answer so I thought I leave it...

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