please use statistics to explain spooky phenomenon

I experienced a lot of inexplicable phenomena in our house. Im a pragmatic person though and always try to think of a "reasonable" explanation for things- many of which i cant.

unfortunately it creates a situation where sometimes very normal occurrences feel spooky simply because im primed for it. 

please help me find the statistical likelihood of this happening. 

I have ADHD, was on a cleaning spree and had been in every single one of the 23 rooms in our house when i realize i'd lost my ADHD medication bottle.

I am a creature of habit when it comes to things that i depend on so short of accidentally throwing it out a window or dropping it in a shoe it was most likely in one of four rooms. I spent HOURS looking in those rooms.

Finally I gave up and sat down to have a good cry. Then I absent mindedly picked up a 6 sided die and said aloud "roll a 2 if it's in the bedroom or 6 in the kitchen". i rolled a 6 and was slightly amused that I'd rolled a 6 at all. 

I then said "roll a 6 if it's on the ground in the kitchen ".

i then rolled a 6 again.

at that point i was just annoyed because i'd crawled around on my belly three times in the kitchen with a flashlight and headlamp. there isn't even anything to look under i was just THAT frantic. 

cute coincidence that i rolled a 6 twice in a row. whatever. 

my husband came him and woke me up a bit later and said he found it sitting in the kitchen floor, completely unobstructed, in plain view. 

is this a question that statistics can help me understand? 

i don't understand what variables are important to understanding the likelihood of me assigning these numbers and them being correct. 

it probably feels spooky but really is just a probability question, right? 

  • Well, coincidences happen, it's normal. Think about how many bizarre coincidences *did not happen*: among the thousands of them, some are bound to happen, by pure chance. Don't worry about it.


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